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Using the latest developments in Internet technologies, our engineers managed to create reliable VPN technology, to achieve the maximum possible encryption of traffic and protect information transmitted through our VPN servers. We are the most popular VPN provider with a broad range of servers around the world.


Netmap-VPN is the perfect price-quality ratio of the provided service. We have implemented cumulative discount system which works successfully. If you are not satisfied with our VPN for some reason, we guarantee you full refund.


Using the Netmap VPN provider, you can engage in any activity. There are no restrictions on using VPN.


Today network anonymity is the main requirement even for the average Internet user. By connecting a VPN from a Netmap provider, you can always be sure of your network anonymity.


We do not limit the use of traffic in any way. By choosing any tariff from our VPN provider, you can use any amount of traffic without limits.


By connecting VPN from the Netmap provider, you will not notice the difference in connection speed and the Internet. That provides by the fact that we use servers with gigabit connection channels.


No logging and high degree of traffic encryption provides security of Netmap VPN users. You can be sure of your safety.

VPN Service

We provide the most secure, fast, practical, safe and anonymous access to the Internet using our VPN service. Choosing any tariff plan, you get the opportunity to try one of the methods, such as OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP / IPsec.

Check your IP

Today, the security of Internet connecting is an indispensable requirement for any user, because this affects your personal data security. Losing data or even worse, infecting your device with a virus, causes a lot of trouble. We suggest you to check your IP with our TEST YOUR IP service. With the help of our service you will be able to find out the vulnerabilities of your IP, as well as receive recommendations for the removal of these vulnerabilities.



With the help of the CHECK HOST service you can find out detailed information about any IP or website, such as information about the provider, geographic location of the host, PTR, MX, NS and other records, WHOIS, check PING, open TCP and UDP ports on the host, know DNS and much more.


NETMAP Anonymizer

We suggest you to use our NETMAP Anonymizer service. With the help of this service, you can visit any sites blocked by your provider, such as VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook or other resources where you want to hide your IP using proxy technology.



We offer 30% on each payment of your clients!

Payments of partner awards are made at your request.

It is forbidden to merge traffic from resources containing child porn, spam in any manifestation (icq, e-mail, forums, blogs, guest, etc.), as well as churning in any form.


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Buy VPN Netmap and set up your computer is fast and not expensive. But after that, you will be fully protected from all hazards on the network.