Basic rules which you agree to follow, using our service, are described in this section.

It is forbidden to use the service:

  • To obtain unauthorized access to computer systems, networks or data.
  • For the purpose of infringement of copyrights or other forms of intellectual property.
  • To send spam (mass mailing advertising, news and other materials without the consent of the recipient).
  • To distribute and watch child pornography.
  • For the dissemination of any kind of illegal, libelous, offensive and threatening material, as well as materials inciting hatred and strife.
  • In order to breach the operability and safety of any computer systems or sites, and to interfere with a third party in the use of these systems and sites.
  • For the distribution of viruses, as well as any other programs and files designed to damage, malfunction, restrict the use of software, data, hardware and telecommunications equipment.
  • To advertise illegal products and services.
  • To advertise firearms or ammunition, tobacco, alcohol and any other products and services whose advertising is illegal.
  • To facilitate any criminal activity.
  • To commit any other unlawful actions.
  • Users who violate our rules will be blocked and money for the provided services will not be returned!

Service is not responsible for:

  • Servers operation interruption, caused by providers, hosters and other third parties. In such cases, the service may provide alternative servers for the time of technical problems.
  • Incorrect operation of the software caused by the settings of your system. In this case, the service support may help to solve such problems.
  • Technical problems caused by actions of other users (for example, disconnection of the server due to committing actions that violate the law, or overloading the channel). Other force majeure circumstances that led to server outages.

Service is responsible for:

  • NETMAP is a service for providing professional solutions in network security and remote connection privacy.
  • Full privacy of the user's personal data, delivery of registration or any other data to third parties is excluded.
  • Absence of unauthorized protocolling and logging of user actions on the network.
  • The service provides highly qualified support and courteous communication with users.

Terms of payment and refund:

  • In case of late payment for the services provided to you, they can be suspended. Before paying for the product, please make sure that it really works well for you in all parameters and specifications. In case of a refund request, the money will be reimbursed after deduction of the commission of 10% within 7 working days, regardless of the payment system through which you made the payment.
  • Requests for offers and complaints regarding the Privacy Policy can be forwarded to the support team for review.
  • NETMAP reserves the right to amend the Rules at any time, the new Rules come into force from the date of publication at